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The cloud may still feel like a new technology but in reality? It’s been around for more than 10 years now. Does that make you feel old?

Let’s be clear about something – the cloud is here to stay. In recent years you may have still heard the occasional “industry insider” suggest that the world may be moving too quickly to an untested and unsure platform in cloud computing, but no more. The cloud is now an integral part of daily life for private consumer and business users alike.

The cloud is everywhere. That’s not a tagline or a marketing ploy – it’s just a fact.

Especially over the past few years, cloud solutions have rapidly taken over both the private and professional worlds, offering users the freedom to access their data when, where and how they want to – have you gotten on board yet?


What Does The Cloud Offer You?

OpEx > CapEx – Whereas Capital Expenditures (CapEx) — on-premise IT solutions — are paid for up front and see a gradual return over the following months and years, Operating Expenses (OpEx) are “pay-as-you-go”. You only pay for the cloud month by month, which vastly reduces the window between investment and return.

High-Level Support – IT doesn’t just mean hardware and software – you need the right people too. With the cloud, you benefit from an expert team of technicians working Tier 2 support and above to ensure the cloud services you rely on are functioning properly around the clock.

Safe and Inexpensive – Security can be difficult to manage because, as important as it is, it’s often just as expensive. However, with the right cloud solution, you only pay a small monthly fee to gain access to enterprise-level security solutions offered to all other clients on the platform.

What Cloud Solutions Should You Consider?

Microsoft Office 365Over the past few years, productivity suites have become more and more popular with businesses of all sizes, in a wide and varied range of industries. It’s the type of solution that has something to offer everyone.

Cloud-based technologies, in general, are changing the way users like you view the capabilities of their technology – especially Microsoft Office 365.
As the leading name in cloud business productivity software, Microsoft Office 365 offers a range of services and features designed to help you and your employees do more each day.

Microsoft AzureAzure is Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud computing platform – you and your team can rely on this solution to help you can cut costs by hosting off-site and benefit from a totally scalable configuration that fits your needs. With Azure, you benefit from speed, scalability and lower operating costs – plus the burden of management is basically alleviated. Moving to the cloud eliminates the data center completely; Steadfast Solutions helps you to create a hybrid cloud deployment on-premise with Azure.

Storage in the CloudBy moving your vital data to the cloud, you can enjoy greater security, increased accessibility, and lowered costs. Instead of storing onsite, you can reduce costly local hardware by storing your files in the cloud, where they’ll be safe and easily accessible by you and your staff.

Infrastructure as a ServiceWe can provide virtual infrastructure that will allow you to minimise your physical hardware, by utilising cloud-based counterparts, such as virtual servers, desktops and more.

Seamless Migration to Amazon Web Services We can ensure a smooth migration of your core infrastructure to a cloud-based AWS configuration. With our expert help, you won’t have to worry that any files, contacts or calendar dates will be missing in your new cloud setup.

How Can You Guarantee Success In The Cloud?

The more popular the cloud gets, the more unsure you may be about how to proceed with it. New providers enter the market every single day, adding potential options to your list of choices that was already way too long.

When it comes to finding the right cloud partner, stick to what you know about business – choose a partner with the experience and the results to back up their sales pitch…

Who Is Your Ideal Cloud Partner?

The Steadfast Solutions team wants to be your trustworthy, reliable partner in the cloud. We know how important personal service is – that’s why we’ll get to know your business, learn what your priorities are, and help you harness an ideal cloud solution for your daily work.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Cloud Compliance Support: As your partner, we will help you harness cloud infrastructure solutions for the healthcare, financial, and
    other closely regulated industries. Our highly secure cloud environment will ensure the data collected, stored and accessed will be
    protected in line with compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and more.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our team provides support 24/7 to ensure that any issue or concern you may have is addressed and taken
    care of, quickly and effectively.
  • Simple, Flexible Pricing: We offer wholesale and pay-as-you-go pricing models to ensure you can achieve the best possible margins,
    while only paying for the resources you really need.

We’re proud to offer competitive margins that allow you to enjoy the benefits of the cloud at a reasonable price.

  • Business Continuity: We would be happy to demo our Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Migration services to ensure they
    meet your needs.
  • User Training For Your Staff: While our team is available whenever you need us for support, we don’t want you to have to call us every
    day – that’s just not convenient. That’s why we provide robust and effective training for your staff to ensure they know everything they
    need to about the cloud services you’ll be using.

In the end, we want you to be able to trust us – we will be there to help you give you just what you need, without you having to give up control, pay more than you can afford, or compromise your business reputation.

Don’t wait any longer to see what the cloud can do for you firsthand – get in touch with Steadfast Solutions at 1300 739 335 or hello@steadfastsolutions.com.au to get started today.

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